Tuesday, January 27, 2015


5oz clear base with 2 drops red colorant and 1 drop blue for 5 small star columns
8oz white base for large star columns
2lbs 4oz clear base with 4 drops red colorant and 2 drops blue and 1 tablespoon FO for bar
3 lb loaf mold

Melt 5oz clear base, add colorant, let cool completely and set inside larger star column mold

Melt 8oz white base and let cool to about 150* and pour into larger star molds, let cool completely

Melt 2lbs and 4oz of clear base, add colorant and FO.  Pour a thin layer in bottom of 3 lb loaf mold.  Spray with RA and lay star columns down when cooled slightly.  Spray star molds completely with RA and pour the rest of base on top.

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