Monday, March 3, 2014


I added a new item to my site!  Bows!!!  I was invited to a birthday party last week and the theme was Frozen.  I thought it'd be really cute to get the birthday girl a Frozen hair bow but I didn't have time to order one!  Soooo I pulled up youtube video and started watching tutorials on how to make a bow.  I was surprised by how easy it looked and thought 'I can do this'!  The next day I went to the store, bought tons of ribbon and embellishments and went to work...ta da!  My first bow was complete!  I posted the bow and received over a dozen orders for the same bow within 2 days.  I must admit I'm hooked and bows are a very welcomed addition to my shop!   To check out all of my bows or to place an order, here is my bow album BOWS

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