Tuesday, July 30, 2013


TJ had duty today so I was on my own to continue on the fun.  I took Bristol to Oak Grove Lake Park in Chesapeake.  We are hoping to compete in Dock Dogs next year and we are going to start practicing now.  She loved running into the water to play and swim.  She jumped off the dock about 3 times but was scared when she jumped into water where she couldn't reach and panicked a bit.  I'm sure she'll get much better with practice.

Oak Grove is a great park with playground equipment, fishing platforms, picnic tables and a jogging/walking trail.  The water there looks so inviting although it's a no swimming area.  Definitely a fun family park!

Later that day I went to California Pizza Kitchen with my cousins wife and their children.  I ordered the pear gorgonzola pizza and the white wine flight.  The pizza was good except I thought it was odd that it had lettuce on it.  The wine was delicious, can't beat 3 different types of wine for $12!  After dinner we headed to Dairy Queen for dessert.  I got a small lemon meringue pie blizzard.  It was amazing!  It's tart and sweet at the same time with chunks of crunch pie crust mixed in it.  Not my usual choice but definitely one of the best ice creams treats I've had!  It's a definite must try!

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