Friday, July 26, 2013


This morning we decided to try breakfast at Citrus since it was recommended a friend/family member and was also featured on DDD.  I was excited to order my breakfast BLT because I've seen them before and wanted to try a BLT with an egg on it.  The ones I've seen had runny yokes and I was told they don't cook them that way at Citrus, I requested it to be runny but when it came out, it wasn't.  The sandwich was still good and I was very happy to get grits, you don't find those in very many places anymore!  TJ got the Beach Benedict and it was awesome!  Again his meal was better!  At least I know what to get when we go back to these places!  Parking was a definite inconvenience for this place, it had an extremely small parking lot which was full with a sign that said extra parking at some location but we couldn't find that location.  We went across the street to park and there was a big sign that said - NO parking for Citrus, violators will be towed!  LOL  No hard feelings there!  It was a cute place with delicious food and quite possibly our new favorite breakfast joint!

After breakfast we headed to A & P Arms Lynnhaven Shooting Range.  This was my first time at a shooting range and my first time shooting a gun.  I have really sensitive ears and the noise bothered me right away, not so much from our guns but from the other people around us.  There were 7 lanes of people and we were all shooting at the same time.  The first few times I jumped every time someone shot, after a while I stopped jumping but my ears hurt so bad I thought they'd bleed!  I enjoyed shooting but not the indoor range at all.
My target!

After shooting we decided to go drive around the shopping center near where we ate at Baker's Crust earlier in the week.  We saw some interesting shops and just wanted to check out what was around.  Our first stop was at Total Wine and More.  Largest wine and beer shop we've ever seen!  TJ bought some peach beer and a bottle of wine: Dornfelder by Gerd Anselmann.  He was looking for the Dornfelder wine that he bought from the Hoff winery in Germany that the movers broke and he said this tasted pretty similar!  I got a cork holder that said WINE for all my craft corks I've been saving.

Next stop was lunch at Schlotzsky's!  I've never eaten there before and my sandwich was delicious!  I got the turkey bacon club and could only eat half.  I'll be happy enjoying that again tomorrow!  TJ said Schlotzsky's is his favorite sandwich place and he was happy to have lunch there.

Now it's time to drive around all the shops.  We passed a really fancy Wendy's, when did they start getting so spiffy?

Next we stopped into Mrs. Bones Bowtique, a cute little doggy boutique that sells handmade dog collars.

The next shop we visited was Savor the Olive.  We were especially excited to check out this shop because it reminded us so much of The Saratoga Olive Oil Company, which was one of our favorite shops in downtown Saratoga.  Turns out they use the same supplier and the owner of the Va Bch store is opening another shop in the Ghent area soon.

Then we run into Trader Joe's because we've never been in one but have heard great things.  My friend Kristin recommends the Dr. Beckerman German Riesling from there and something called cookie butter.  We didn't get it this time but we will next time!  We loved the sign on the wall inside that said TJ's Butcher Shop.  Cute store but pricey!

We get back in the car to leave and TJ is making some weird muffled noise and pointing.  He's so excited he can't talk.  I look up to see All In Gourmet Deli, he thinks he may have found the equivalent to Roma's, our favorite sandwich deli in Saratoga!  We walk in and discovery in disappointed it's just a regular sandwich shop, nothing special.  There are two workers behind the counter and no one else in the place, they look at us eagerly as we walk in and TJ says "Oh nevermind I thought you were a Deli Deli"  They look back at him like he has two heads and to make light of his statement I say "You know as apposed to just a Deli, he was looking for a Deli Deli, sorry"  Then they look at me like I have two heads.  The man asks us what we're looking for and TJ is speechless so I chime in and say "You know like an authentic Italian Deli with imported prociutto, Italian cheese & olives and almond cookies...that type of stuff"  He looks like a light bulb has just gone off in his head and he thrusts a finger into the air telling us to wait a minute and jogs off to the back.  The woman told me the owner was in the back and maybe he was going to ask him.  She got my hopes up as we waiting to hear about some fantastic Italian Deli in our area, the guy come back out with a gallon jug of kalamata olives and says "This is all we got"  We could hardly contain our laughter before getting out the door.  We head home to let Bristol out and hang out for a little while before the evening festivities begin.

Our evening begins at Dave & Busters in the Lynnhaven Mall.  TJ loves these kinds of places and does so well at all the games!  We played a few games together like football, smacking lights on a giant board as fast as we could and taking turns pulling levers and spinning wheels here and there but we spent most of our time at the two machines below.  After just about 2 hours of play TJ won 8, 945 tickets!


With our tickets we purchased the kids a minion and TJ got some candy for himself.  We still have over 3,500 tickets to use for next time.  We had a great date night!

After play time at D&B we had sushi at Domo Sushi Restaurant near Petco.  I enjoyed my sushi but TJ said his was the worst he's ever had.  His fish was cut kind of large which made it impossible to eat with one bite but he also felt sick afterwards and complained of the fish tasting fishy.  I don't know why he didn't tell the waitress, needless to say we wont be back.

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