Friday, July 26, 2013


TJ had to work again today so our fun started in the evening.  While he was deployed last year I saw an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives that took place in Virginia Beach.  I saw a neat looking restaurant on there called  Flip Flops Grill and they were raving about their fish tacos, TJ and I love fish tacos so I noted the name and we finally went!  It was soooo cute inside!  I LOVED all the beach decor and laid back atmosphere!  We ordered the flat bread with black bean hummus as an appetizer, TJ got the BBQ grilled fish tacos and I got the fried fish tacos with flip flop sauce.  Again, his was better!!!  ARGGG!  While searching online I found a website that tells you all the restaurants in your area that have been on DDD.  Check it out here.

For over a year I thought that sign said delightful dogs.  I thought it was a fancy doggy boutique filled with gourmet dog cookies, fancy collars and leashes, clothes and fun pet supplies - that what I imagined anyway and I have been dying to go in!  TJ and I walked in today and to our surprise it was a regular gift shop.  A bunch of random type stuff, sort of like pottery barn.  Nice things but not what I though at all!  Their website is down so here's there's FB link delightful digs.

While in the shopping center for delightful digs I saw two other shops I'd like to check out sometime.  They look like fun!  The first one I checked out was TH Nails & Kids Spa.  They have play areas for kids, host parties and have a mommy and me manicure/pedicure package!  They also give free mimosa's to woman and beer to men with any appt.  Sounds like an awesome place!  I definitely want to bring my girls!  The next place I checked out was Potts N' Paints I've heard of color me mine but never potts n' paints, my family loves painting pottery!

After checking out those shops we headed to the AMC movie theatre in the Lynnhaven Mall to see The Heat.  This is the first movie TJ and I have been to just the two of us.  We've taken the kids a couple times (like 2 or 3) but this was our very first movie date without kids!  They were doing some type of promotion on AMC Stubs, a rewards card where you get cheaper concessions and coupons and such so we signed up, paid $12 for the year but got our popcorn, drink and candy for free.  I guess we'll be coming back to the movies more often now....  The Heat was hilarious.  I knew it would be because Sandra Bullock is my favorite actress of all time and anything with her in it is great.  We laughed through the entire movie and had a great time!

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