Friday, July 26, 2013


This morning we went to Baker's Crust for breakfast.  Baker's Crust was my favorite lunch spot 10 years ago at the Ghent location.  This morning we chose the Baker's Crust in Va Bch closer to our home so I could try eggs benedict for the first time.  I was very unimpressed with the overall cleanliness and atmosphere of this location - Ghent wins HANDS DOWN.  My eggs benedict was ok, I'm glad I tried it.  TJ had the caprese benedict and it was really good!

After breakfast we decided to go out on a 2.5 hour dolphin watching cruise with Rudee Tours.  We saw tons of dolphins and really enjoyed the trip!

While on the pier we saw a few other trips we'd be interested in taking in the future including The Rudee Whaler, The Rudee Rocket, Capt Jack's Pirate Ship Adventures and Banana Boating.

The Rudee Rocket

Capt Jack's Pirate Adventures 

Today was National Hot Dog day so we headed to Sonic for $1 hotdogs and half off drinks/slushes.  I didn't not like my hotdog at all but I think it's great that every day from 2-4 drinks and slushes are half off and after 8 milkshakes are half off!

TJ took a nap after his lunch so I decided to make brownies.  I haven't made any in forever and this time we don't have to share with kids!!!  I used a box of Duncan Hines Dark Fudge Chunk brownie mix and swirled in a brick of cream cheese that was mixed with 1/4 cup sugar.  They came out soooooooo good!

After relaxing at home for the rest of the afternoon we headed to Bahama Breeze for dinner.  They just opened in our area the week prior and there were about 30 people outside waiting so we were hesitant.  We were told that they weren't sitting people until the kitchen caught up.  TJ figured they were still trying to figure out the ropes since they just opened so we headed over to Macaroni Grill instead.  All wine (bottles and glasses) were half off so that was exciting.  Our food wasn't that great and our salads had frozen tomatoes and chunks of ice in them.  We don't really go out to eat that often since we're a family of 5 on one income and I have to say that I've been really disappointed with the service, atmosphere and quality of food we've been getting at most places lately.  It's like the economy went downhill and they just stopped trying.  Maybe I'm too picky but when I go out to eat and we're paying good money for our dishes I would like good service, a tasty meal and no issues!

After dinner we walked around the Pembroke Mall and checked out a few jewelry stores.  TJ decided he wants a silver necklace for his birthday and we also admired the new celebration diamond.  It's so pretty and sparkly!  I tried it on in a 1 carat ring, the sales woman told me that only 6% of woman have tried on a 1 carat ring....I really don't believe that...   Got home just instead to catch one of our favorite shows, Master Chef.


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