Tuesday, July 13, 2010


About 15 diapers
Travel size bath kit (shampoo, powder, lotion, daiper rash ointment)
Wash clothes
Short stemmed spoons/forks
Recieving blanket
Pacifier or teething ring
blanket toy

Roll diapers around small items and secure with rubberband. Stand diapers up and group in a round shape (can fit a rubber band around whole group), cover with blanket toy, fold recieving blanket in thirds and wrap around diapers with blanket toy edges tucked under blanket, secure with a rubberband.

Tie ribbon around blanket to cover rubberband and secure a pacifier or teething ring to center.

*Instead of a blanket toy you can also use another receiving blanket, a larger washcloth or a onesie and just attach a toy to the top.

This diaper cupcake was a gift to me, made by Lisa Milewski. This one was made with a washcloth and toy on top.

This one was made with a onesie, toy and mini cupcake on top.

This one was made with a burp cloth and burp cloth lollipop on top.

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