Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Percentage of vanillin listed along with discoloration observed in cold process soaps.  Still learning about vanillin and MP soap.
TOP seller - must keep in stock

Nature's Garden
Almond Macaroon - love it! 5.5 Vanillin - dark
Animalistic Instinct - do not like No Vanillin or discolor
Apple Cinnamon - too light.  Do not order again. .4 Vanillin - caramel
Aqua di Gio - smells just like it but I'm not a fan .5 Vanillin - butterscotch
Bacon -  more like liquid smoke.  don't love it. .003 Vanillin light beige
Beach Bum - smells like gardenia flowers no vanillin or discolor
Beautiful - smells like the perfume.  .5 Vanillin dark cream
Bedtime Bath - sweet lavender no vanillin or discolor
Beer - Extremely realistic.  love it.  .083 Vanillin beige
Black for men - ok.  not my favorite No Vanillin or discolor 
Black Raspberry & Vanilla - fruity and tart no vanillin
Blueberry Muffin - smells ok, like vinegar 6.3 vanillin dark brown
Blue Hawaiian - tropical drink yum! 2% vanillin 
Buttercream cupcake - mild frosting scent. love. 9.30 Vanillin - dark 
Buttered Popcorn - Extremely realistic.  love it. Vanillin .003 - light beige 
Candy Cane - realistic and yummy.  Great scent. 2.50 Vanillin med brown
Cinnamon Sticks - Strong.  Smells like Red Hots.  I love it. no vanillin but
                               discolors to pale yellow
Creamy Chocolate Cupcake - I don't like it. 3.4 Vanillin - dark
Clean Cotton - excellent no vanillin
Coconut Cream Pie - sweet and yummy 9 Vanillin - dark
Coconut Lime Verbena - best seller!! .15 Vanillin no discolor
Cool Citrus & Basil - love it!  clean scent! no vanillin
Cool Water - excellent love it! no vanillin
Curve for men - Smells amazing, just like the cologne.  I LOVE it. no vanillin
Drakkar - smells good 1.2 Vanillin pale taupe
Eggnog - Very realistic, yummy 6.25 Vanillin - dark
Eucalyptus & Spearmint - smells good.  I like it.  no vanillin or discolor
Fluffy Pink Candy - yummy and sweet .18 vanillin caramel
Fresh Brewed Coffee - ok but Hazelnut cafe is better. .40 Vanillin - dark
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice - realistic and good! no vanillin light peach
Frost and Snowdrops - love this scent! .15 Vanillin no discolor
Ginger Lime - smells good. 3% Vanillin dark brown
Grapefruit Ruby Red - smells tart no vanillin or discolor
Happy - love it no vanillin
Honey Bunny - not a fan, almost smells like baby powder no vanillin
Hot Cocoa - Realistic and yummy 2.5 Vanillin - dark
Lavender Flowers - good scent no vanillin
Lemon - good! .8 vanillin discolor
Lemongrass - lemony and strong.  good. no vanillin
Lemon Poppyseed - Smells very good.  6 Vanillin - dark
Loving Spell - ok no vanillin or discolor
Mountain Hazelnut Cafe - delicious no vanillin 
Oatmeal Milk and Honey - perfect, sweet no vanillin 
Orange Blossom - unsure no vanillin or discolor
Orange Clove - realistic and love it. Fall no vanillin 
Peppermint - smells great, just like candy cane but no vanillin
Pomegranate - SUPER sweet! 2.25 vanillin dark tan
Rootbeer - Strong and very realistic.   .1 Vanillin - taupe
Sage & Citrus - smells like baby powder, do not like! no vanillin or discolor
Strawberry Cheesecake - very sweet, good for kids.  .4 vanillin light beige 
Strawberry & Champagne - just like the lotion, good. no vanillin or discolor
Sweet Orange Chili Pepper - definitely sweet, pretty good no vanillin
Wedding Cake - realistic, excellent and strong no vanillin  

The Candle Maker's Store  I will never order from this site again.  I was very unhappy with their scents and customer service 
Man Town - Not masculine at all.  Very flowery and fruity - I do not like it
Pizza - doesn't really smell like pizza to me - more like a pizza flavored cracker - not a fan
Beef - somewhat realistic, smells like beef jerky or beef bouillon cube
Riding Mower - smells like fresh cut grass with a bit of sweetness, not masculine but smells great!
Tabacco - not what I expected, do not really care for it
First Down - smells like leather and like a hint of bacon LOL
2x4 - smells familiar but cannot put my finger on it.  Smells flowery, not like wood at all
Leather - pretty accurate
Bacon - smells just like bacon bits.  More of a fake bacon smell rather than real bacon but gets the point across
Gunpowder - doesn't smell anything like it
Overall pretty disappointed with these scents.

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