Thursday, August 7, 2014


My friend Jennifer was visiting this week and we decided to make bath bombs together!  We had no idea they were so easy and so fun!  We researched a few recipe ideas and read some articles and came up with the cupcakes pictured.  We are not in love with the frosting recipe so that is a work in progress (already got a new recipe to try out), the recipe below is just for basic bath bombs, not cupcakes.

What is a bath bomb?  A bath bomb is a mixture of chemicals that effervesce when wet.  They add scent and relaxation to every bath!  In case you need directions on how to enjoy a bath bomb:

1 cup citric acid - I found this in the canning isle at walmart 
2 cups baking soda
Witch hazel or rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle

If desired
fragrance oil & colorant (do not use food coloring) - about a teaspoon or so of each
these items can be purchased in the soap isle at any craft store or a wonderful resource is Bramble Berry

Mix citric acid and baking soda in a bowl with your hand.  Add any fragrance and/or color and mix.  Continue mixing with your hand while spraying with witch hazel or rubbing alcohol until the mixture is the consistency of wet sand and when squeezed in your hand will hold together.

Press mixture into silicone molds, pack tightly.

Let sit for 24-48 hours, remove from molds and they're ready!  As soon as they touch water they will bubble and fizz so keep away from damp or humid areas!

Throw in your bathtub and enjoy the fizz and scent.

Video showing the bath bomb fizzing in water

This is the recipe I used for the frosting, however I did not use the SLS.  The SLS makes the frosting fizz.  I wasn't a fan of a sugar based frosting so I probably won't use this recipe again but it did get hard!

Lavender and Pumpkin spice bath bombs!

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