Tuesday, July 8, 2014


How fun is this?!?!  Heidi from Snappy Tots has put together a fun Summer Camp that contains boredom busters for all ages!  Check her blog post out here!  http://snappy-tots.com/roundups/summer-camp-going-buggy/

This weeks theme is "Going Buggy" so I've whipped together some of our favorite buggy snacks that will definitely put a smile on your face, as well as a tickle in your tummy!

Directions for each yummy snack are below.  You can use peanut butter or cream cheese as "glue" for assembling these critters.  You can also use chocolate chips or raisins for the finishing details.

Worms in Dirt
Fine chop two oreos and place onto of a chocolate pudding cup.  Stick some gummy worms inside!

Smear cream cheese on a celery stick.
Use pretzels as wings and antennas.  Mini chocolate chips for eyes.

Ants on a Log
Smear peanut butter on a celery stick.
Place mini chocolate chips in a row in peanut butter.

Smear cream cheese on a ritz cracker.
Cut a strawberry into wedges and place on cream cheese as wings.
Dot cream cheese on strawberries where you want to place the eyes and push down a mini chocolate chip.

Lady Bug
Smear cream cheese on a ritz cracker.
Place a strawberry slice on top of cream cheese.  
Cut another ritz cracker in half and place on strawberry.
Add mini chocolate chips for eyes.

Cut a tortilla into 1 inch strips.
Smear peanut on tortilla strip, all but about 1-1.5".
Roll up tortilla strip, you can use additional peanut butter to get "head" to stand.
Use pretzel rods as antennae and add cream cheese and mini chocolate chips as eyes.

Banana Spider
Slice of banana with pretzel rods for legs and mini chocolate chips for eyes.

Slice hot dog and use a knife or toothpick to make legs with ketchup.  Use mustard for eyes.

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