Thursday, January 30, 2014


Listed below are a few items that I feel I could not live without.  I'll add to this list occasionally but for now here are a few of my favorite things!

This is my Belkin iPad Cabinet Stand.  I love it so much!  You do not have to use any tools to mount it, so no holes in your cabinets!  I use mine to display recipes from my blog when I'm cooking.  Leaning down to read the recipe while my iPad was propped up on the counter was getting annoying.  I got mine from amazon but here is the link from the company

Reynolds slow cooker liners for the Crockpot!  These are great!  We hate washing our crockpot but these have made washing it so much easier!!!  We buy ours at walmart but they should be in every grocery store near the foil!

This is my favorite camera ever!  It's not your fancy nikon/canon camera but it's perfect for your every day point and shoot situations!  Here a few of my favorite features with this camera 1) It's small and will fit in your purse  2) It's rugged, your toddler grabs it and drops it, chances are, it will survive!  3)  It's waterproof!  Yes you can actually full submerge this baby while snorkeling or swimming in a pool and take awesome photos and videos!  4)  It takes amazing macro photos, you can even lay the lens down on a small subject and take gorgeous photos!  Love Love Love this camera!  I ordered mine from amazon without the GPS feature because who really needs that on your camera anyway?  And it makes the camera cheaper!  Here's the camera on
I hate painting my nails.  I always mess up and even if I don't they end up chipping later that day anyway.  Being a mom means you can never have perfect nails....unless you get acrylics and I just don't have the time or money for that in my life anymore.  I recently found these nail stickers by Kiss.  They are really easy to apply and so far they are holding up great!  I did mess up my middle finger there but it was my first time applying them, next time I'll do better.  I really love the way these look!  I bought mine for a couple bucks at walmart but here a sample of some of the different color options:

I love my yarn ball winder!  Not everyone knits and crochets but if you do this guy is a life saver!  I always have all these knotted clumps of leftover skeins of yarn that drive me crazy!  With this tool I'm able to clean them up and make them all center pull smaller cakes and they look really cute displayed in my craft room!  I got mine from knit picks:

This is my jar opener from Pampered Chef.  Sometimes it's a jar of pickles or a jar of applesauce or a 2 liter bottle of feels like the lids are super glued shut and no matter how hard I twist my palm ends up bleeding before I can get the lid to budge.  I tried this trick of banging the lids on the edge of the counter to get the lid to "pop" and be able to twist for years... No matter how many times I've done it there is something unsettling about banging a large glass jar against the edge of the counter.  Once I found this product I've never looked back!  It can handle large jars all the way down to soda bottles and works great every time!  It's even mountable if you want it under your kitchen cabinets.  We just keep ours in a drawer.

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