Sunday, October 18, 2009


You will need:
Green and white card stock
Green plastic straw
Yellow pipe cleaner

Trace your childs hand (or they can do it if their old enough) onto a piece of white card stock.
Cut two double leaves (make sure these two leaves are attached, opposite ends with be pointed for the tips of the leaves, middle sections will be fatter for main leaf and the center will narrow where leaves meet) from the green card stock and punch holes in the center where the leaves meet.
Curl the paper fingers and leaves by wrapping them around a pencil.
Wrap the hand aroumd the top of a green plastic straw and secure it with tape.
Slide the leaves onto the straw and tape them in place.
For the flower's stamen, fold half of a yellow pipe cleaner in half and curl down the ends. Insert folded end in the straw.

* A great project for Mother's Day and a wonderful presentation anywhere in the house because they don't die!

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